Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hot Floral For Hot July

Hi friends,
It's July, (my birth month) and the heat has finally hit hard. Some days I think I'll melt before I make it to my car. Despite the heat, I'm at my uptown office (Starbucks) sipping a hot Venti dark roast in the middle of the day. I'm always relaxed when I come to my uptown office. It's where I do my best work. Too bad I can't do nail art here. Maybe I could talk to the manager... No, I'd have a better chance getting free coffee than setting up a table to polish my nails. Perhaps I'll go for the free coffee then.

Today I have a hot floral design, well suited for summery flowers and sweltering heat. I used the reverse stamping technique. But if you're a regular reader, you knew that already, because you're familiar with my artistic handicap. I can barely draw a straight line, so flowers are out - abstract or otherwise. Im still trying to sign up for pre-K art classes, but the schools here are age biased and I haven't found one that will let me sign up. I'm a little older than 5 which seems to be one of the main requirements - silly rule I think. I'm not giving up though. I don't quit that easily!

Until next time,
Ciao for now.

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