Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Non-political Manicure. Did You Vote Today?

Hi there friends!

If you're in the good old U.S. of A, and age 18 or above, I have a question for you.  Did you vote today? Or do you plan to vote before the polls close tonight?  I hope you do.  It's your right as an American citizen.  OK, so, all politics aside, let's get to today's manicure.  

I played with a few techniques for this one.  Stamping, reverse stamping, and double stamping.  And since I didn't use any glitter, holo, or shimmers, I added a charm on my ring finger for a little pizzazz.  I was going for a floral plaid blanket look.  So,  no straight lines.  

That's it for today,  now I'm off to my library to place my ballet.  Now, go vote.  
Ciao Bellas!

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