Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lilac And Lavender Ombre Manicure

Greetings Lovely Ladies!

I'm loving the lilacs and lavenders lately.  Lastly, a little layer of floral stamping, leaves a lingering impression on this lightly holo ombre look.  I had to let loose with the L's because who can say 'lilac and lavender' without wanting to string a slew of L words after it?  Right?  Ok, it's out of my system now.

I'm doing a little (a lot) fall cleaning this week, in preparation for a visit from my Dad.  I don't mind my house being a bit out of sorts on an average day. Functional disorder is acceptable for me because we're a pretty busy family and I gave up any delusions of environmental perfection years ago. I have two boys so perfection doesn't exist anywhere in my world.  But when Dad and Mama D say they're coming to visit, my head explodes and I convulse into fits of panic because I know it's impossible to pull my house together enough to make them think that I run a tight ship and have it all together.  Nope, the truth comes out when they come to town. As much as I try to pretend, I don't have it all together, and most of the time I'm just floundering through each day trying to keep order and get the important things done in a reasonable amount of time.  I know they don't have crazy expectations and I'm sure they don't think my home sucks, (because it doesn't) but I have this thing about impressing them.  It's this unnecessary and unrealistic compulsion that I have to make them proud of me that I can't seem to put into perspective.  And it's just them.  Anybody else could come visit and I straighten up like everybody does before they have company.  But Dad and Mama D aren't just anybody. They're the two people in my life who I respect and look up to more than anybody else.  What they think matters.  And even though they are the most non-judgmental people on the planet, that somehow makes it even more important that I don't screw up.  It's a vicious cycle. 

To keep myself from driving myself crazy, I have to make a reality list of things to do and not do. I can include things like washing the dishes and scrubbing the floor and cross out retile the kitchen backsplash and add wainscoting around the walls.  I can add vacuum the carpet and take out the trash rather than repaint the walls, strip the paint off the furniture and re-stain the tables.  See how I have to keep things in perspective?  So, I will refrain from rushing out to buy new dishes, new curtains and new furniture and instead, settle for something more along the lines of picking up groceries and a jar of Dad's favorite instant coffee.

With reasonable expectations on myself, I can feel my blood pressure going down.  Ok, I can see where to start now.  Toss in a load of laundry, do the dishes, and vacuum.  Great start. Oh, I can't forget, Mohinder Suresh needs his fish bowl cleaned, and the plants could use a drink of water. 

I'm out of panic mode. Now I just have to stay sane and stick to the revised, realistic list.  Wish me lots of luck.

Ciao for now!


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