Friday, January 20, 2017

New Valentine's Day Polishes

Hello hello hello!

We're half way through the first month of 2017, and I'm already jumping ahead to February. I'm excited about two new Valentine's day polishes due to release February 1st.  These polishes bring an elegant luxury to the romantic holiday,  that's often claimed for young love.  Well, there's another side to the story.  You don't have to be young lovebirds sharing sweet sentiments to enjoy Valentine's day.  Love exists in all walks of life for the young and the not so young, those of high status and those of meek living.  For every religion,  culture and gender.  Love touches us all, and these polishes touch on the elegance of love.

Since red is a traditional color associated with love, this first polish doesn't fall short of expectation. Rouge Luxe takes the tradition a step further, adding subtle shimmer, and soft fuchsia undertones.

Posh brings a luxurious sophistication to the day, perfectly blending gray and beige and adding slight hints of soft lavender. Posh is a trendy alternative to neutral, and is suited for elegant evenings and classy venues.

These polishes will be sold individually and in a gift set including a glass nail file, a four-sided buffer and a cuticle oil.  These pics do little to reveal the nuances of these luxurious polishes, so stop by the online store on February 1st for a better look.

Ciao for now!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Pandora Box Collaborations

Hi guys,

Today I have something new to show you.  The Pandora's Box collaboration is a monthly themed box set including nail polishes, nail wraps, and bath and beauty products. Let's take a look at the January Pandora Box.

The collection features nail polishes by Nevermind and Gloss Nail Lacquer, nail wraps by Freya Wraps, a roll-on perfume and eye shadow by Athena & Aphrodite, and bath products by Nail Jewelry Bling.  The retail value is $55-$60, but you can pre-order yours for $39.99 before they're sold out!! 

You can find Pandora's Box here.

The January Box will be available for preorder until the 20th of this month so don't delay.
I'll keep you up to date with information on all the upcoming Pandora's Box collaborations so check back.

I hope you guys check out the Box.  Let me know what you think.

Ciao Bellas!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

O.P.I 2017 Spring And Summer Releases

Good afternoon loves,

Today I have a quick peak at not one, but two new collections by O.P.I First is the 2017 Fiji Spring collection that will be released this month.  This collection of 12 polishes contains a plethora of great colors. Some springy, and some not so springy, which, imo, makes for a versatile and complete collection.  

Let's take a closer look.

A few perfectly spring, Easter colors,  a few deeper hues, a traditional red,  and a couple neutrals. You guys know how I go crazy over O.P.I. polish names.  Well, as usual, they did not disappoint.

Two-timing the Zones – vibrant pink
Living On the Bula-vard! – punchy red
Gettig Nadi On My Honeymoon – hibiscus pink
Polly Want a Lacquer? – lavender
Do You Sea What I Sea? – shimmering ocean blue
Is That a Spear In Your Pocket? – tropical teal
I Can Never Hut Up – iridescent gray
Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-istic – reflection of sea and sky
Suzi Without a Paddle – cool blue
Coconuts Over – subtle taupe
No Tan Lines – warm sunrise orange
Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet – radiant yellow

This collection covers the spring, and it tasks is right into summer colors.

But alas, there's more.  The 2017 O.P.I. Summer California Dreaming collection,  has great shades for the summer.  The two collections together could complete your warm season stash for this year. But, of course, you wouldn't let these collections stop you from greedily scooping up other polishes for the season.

This 12 polish collection concentrates on the warmer side of the color wheel. Reds, pinks, oranges, and neutrals.

This is Not Whine Country
GPS I Love You
Malibu Pier Pressure
To the Mouse House We Go!
Me, Myselfie & I
Santa Monica Beach Peach
Time For a Napa
Excuse Me, Big Sur!
Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia
Feeling Frisco
Sweet Carmel Sunday
Don’t Take Yosemite For Granite

If you pick up any of these polishes, let me know what you think about them.
Ciao for now!AC

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Posh New Color By LBD Nail Lacquers

Hello friends, and happy new year.
I don't know about you, but I'm not a new year resolution type of person.  I've experienced too many backfired hopes and ambitions.  You know,  the ones where you swear to lose 10 pounds, but end up gaining 15. At best, I simply don't live up to my expectation, which is such a downer.  So, I make no promises, swear no oaths, and make no well-meaning, but unrealistic plans for the year.  Instead, I'm simply grateful that me and the people I love and care about made it to 2017. And if you're reading this, then happy new year and congratulations, you made it too. 

I'm starting this new year with a new, not-yet-released color by Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer.  This color is a very elegant hue that is best described by what it's not.  It's not gray and it's not beige. It's a perfectly indescribable greige, with a cooler cast.  This is one of those colors that you wear to work to appear trendy,  and you wear it in the evening or to an elegant event for that simple, sophisticated flair.  This polish will be released this month and will be available in the LBD Etsy shop.

Do you have any resolutions for 2017? What are they and how will you make it happen?  

Until next time, 
Ciao for now!