Friday, April 14, 2017

LBD Spring Collection 2017 - Tulip Blossom

Hi loves!
It's a little premature for me to say this,  but I can't wait for school to end. I know we're in spring break right now,  but I can't help rushing things along.  My little man is now a teen, and his big brother graduates from high school next month.  I feel like I'm going back to college all over again.  I think I'm more excited than he is, as I'm looking forward to reliving the best years of my life vicariously through him and his friends.  As an added bonus I will retrieve space in my home when he leaves.  That means reduce,  reorganize,  and redecorate.  That's always fun.

Now let's get to the polish.  This is the newest polish in the Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer 2017 spring collection.  It's called Tulip Blossom and it reminds me of Easter baskets and... well, Tulip blossoms,  hence the name,  lol. It has an iridescent glow in which you can see hints of blue.  Tulip Blossom can be found in the LBD store here.

Watch for the next spring color next week.  Check back here or follow LBD on Facebook.
Ciao bellas!

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