Saturday, May 13, 2017

LBD Spring Collection 2017 - Creamsicle

Happy Saturday!

The last polish in the LBD Spring Collection is available.  This peachy pink iridescent polish will make you crave the orange and cream Creamsicles  from the ice cream truck.  Yum.  The formula is semi-sheer and will require 2 or more coats to be opaque.  You can find Creamsicle in the online store here.

This summer, we're taking a little break from production...maybe.  With prom and graduation looming, and getting my son set up for college, and .... ok, my head is starting to spin.  Yeah, looks like a short break is in order.  But there are a few things you can still look forward to this summer.  Two new products will be launching early July - a sweet scented cuticle oil, and an emollient cuticle and nail treatment.  Both are currently in production and will be ready for you in the shop.  Also, we have a limited edition fun glitter/base duo that's perfect for the summer. 

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