Saturday, August 5, 2017

National Cleanse Your Skin Week

Hi ladies,  

Relax,  I'm not advertising for Neutrogena, or any skin care company.  No,  today I'm shedding a little light on an important subject that non-beauty gurus might find useful.  Don't worry, I'm no beauty authority figure myself,  but I do take care of my skin... the skin on my face,  I mean.  

Think about it, 10 years from now,  what will people see when they look at you?  How about 20 years from now?  That's right, your face.  And guess what ladies? In 10 or 20 years from now your lovely face is not going to look the same as it does now.  Shocker, right?  You might want to take notes.  

Wether you keep Mac and Clinique in business or if you go au natural, it's important to take care of your skin. Again,  I have to reiterate here that I'm no authority figure on the subject. So don't expect a list of fancy,  expensive products and gadgets from me. I can tell you now that you'll be disappointed.  Nothing fancy here guys. A simple daily cleanser, gentle enough for babies, a little witch hazel for toner, and a self blended mixtire of jojoba oil and vitamin E to moisturize.  See,  nothing fancy.  Use what works for your skin. I use a weekly mask for moisture and that's about it.  That's my routine. 

Here are some suggestions on simple skin care. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily. You can give yourself facials or go to a spa for treatments regularly.  Wear sunscreen to protect your skin and stay well hydrated. 

Maybe you do some of these things,  or most of these things,  but just not regularly.  That's ok, just find that combination that works best for you. 

This week brings a little national reminder to treat your skin well.  Wether its your face, or your entire body,  your skin is important. 

Ciao for now Bellas!

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